Temple Horses’ Stand-Up Show: Live From the Fortress of Solitude!


Temple Horses just won the Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival Audience Award, and now they’re bringing stand-up to the PIT.

Featuring comics who appear in their sketch films, these super friends and specimens from distant planets guarantee a night outside of your home!

*Night outside of your home only guaranteed if you actually leave your home. Also, it is probably safe to assume you will end up back at your home at some point.

Leah Bonnema (MTV, VH1, Temple Horses sketch: “The Cat Adoption“)
Mike Dobbins (MTV, Temple Horses sketch: “Around the Horn: Gun Control“)
Gabe Morales (SF Punchline, Temple Horses Sketch “The Cat Adoption“)
Samantha Bednarz (Spike TV, Temple Horses sketch “The Cat Adoption“)
Josh Carter (Temple Horses Sketch, “The Hangman Pickup”)
Justin Murray (The Alcoholic Gamer, Iowa Comedy Festival, Temple Horses sketch: “Around the Horn: Gun Control“)

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