The Possession of Brian

A group of friends attempt to watch an episode of “Downton Abbey,” but are continually interrupted by rude outbursts from their friend Brian, who is possessed by a demon from the ancient world.

SAMANTHA… Carmen Lynch
TIM…. Neil Constantine
GREG… Nick Ruggia
BEN… Jonathan Wexler
BRIAN… Ryan E. Hoffman
and John Moses as SATAN

Written by: Nick Ruggia & Ryan E. Hoffman
Directed By: Ryan E. Hoffman
Director of Photography: Mark Fraunhofer
Camera Operator: Victor Berbesson
Visual Effects Artist: Victor Berbesson
Special Effects Makeup by: Stella Barber
Sound Design and Operator: Christopher Fers
Vomit Cannon Special Effects: 1098 Consultants and Special Effects (Scott Coscia & Ted Mathiessen)
Production Assistants: Benjamin Cannel, Brian Rabadeau, Karen Accavallo
Very Special Thanks: Benjamin Cannel

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