Review: This Is Not a Sex Dungeon


On February 27th, Temple Horses hosted their This is Not a Sex Dungeon comedy show at Stairs Bar in New York City, including some comedians that you’d recognize from our many comedy sketches. But, we won’t waste your… Read More

New Lemon Law: They’re Delicious


Subscribe to Temple Horses on YouTube for a funny video every month We have crusaders on the internet fighting battles of  intolerance and bigotry, but  nobody wants to stand up for the  one thing that has been slandered… Read More

Lettuce: The Last Frontier


Subscribe to Temple Horses on YouTube for a funny video every month “What the hell is that?” “Try it. It’s good,” said the chef. “It really is,” agreed the waitress through a mouthful of wilted green mush. I… Read More

What is Hummus (and this other shit we eat)?


“What is hummus?” I ask cautiously. “Are you serious, you don’t know what hummus is, its mashed chickpeas and  some other shit?” – Jerk friend replies incredulously “Ok first of all you can’t act like you know something… Read More

Blurred (Pickup) Lines


Recently my fiancée came home from a night on the town and she told me a guy had offered to buy her a drink which she declined. She told me as a point of pride because she did… Read More

Five Possible Explanations for

farmers only

If you’ve seen the TV ads for – the dating site that  purports to connect single farmers to one another – then you too have  wondered: What the hell is And, if the site is targeting… Read More

99% of This Coffee Sucks, Study Finds


  A Stanford University study has confirmed what office workers throughout the country have suspected for decades. A 2013 study by Drs. Charles Molsley and Adrian Phew, which cleared peer review earlier this month, shows decidedly that 99%… Read More

Holidays that Suck (and how we can make them better)


Earth Day came and went last week. And if you didn’t notice, that sounds about right. This is just another holiday that doesn’t really affect anyone’s life because it doesn’t involve time off or intoxication. My day was… Read More

Jews Relieved at Ukrainian Registration Policy


Last week, the world gasped at a digital image of a flyer that allegedly  requires Jews in a Russian-held Ukrainian town to register with authorities  and declare all of their assets. The flyer, which appeared on the internet… Read More

Sabermetrics Saves Rob Deer

Rob Deer

When I was a kid I used to love the Sunday newspaper sports section because it was the only time that they would list all of the baseball players in descending order by batting average. I lived life… Read More