White Male Privilege


Pete gets a bagel for free, and his friends are horrified…

Copping Out

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.32.53 AM

DIRECTED BY: Jason Sokoloff CINEMATOGRAPHY: Benjamin Bode EDITED BY: Steve W. Thompson WRITTEN BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia SOUND OPERATOR: Chris Reynolds SOUND DESIGN: Josh Broome PAs: Melinda Velez, Neko White AMY: Adriana DeGirolami OFFICER WOHLER:… Read More

Vaccines for Kids


DIRECTED BY: Jason Sokoloff WRITTEN BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia CINEMATOGRAPHER: Benjamin Bode MUSIC BY: youtube.com/iamnickyt MAKEUP: Ashley Thomas PAs: Our parents

The Possession of Brian


A group of friends attempt to watch an episode of “Downton Abbey,” but are continually interrupted by rude outbursts from their friend Brian, who is possessed by a demon from the ancient world. CAST: SAMANTHA… Carmen Lynch TIM……. Read More

Christmas Survival Guide


‘No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!’ –Snoopy Doggy Dog Lion Witch and the Wardrobe A lot of people get stressed out around the holidays for a variety of reasons; they have no money, they gave their… Read More

Who Killed Grandma?!?!


A movie trailer for the upcoming blockbuster: Who Killed Grandma? Directed by French filmmaker Mikel Kramer, Director of “Man With Gun.” Subscribe for a funny video every month.

Making Grilled Cheese Magic


My guide to making peanut butter jelly sandwiches is sweeping through North America and changing lives: “I feel like a kid again!” – Justin Bieber “A visionary in the same mold as Steve Jobs.” – tweeted by Ashton… Read More

How to Make the Best Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


I never understood the phrase, “What you don’t know could fill a book.” Of course it could fill a book; it could fill a whole series of books on various topics from “What’s the difference between a Clementine… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving From Former NFL Players


In this satire comedy sketch, former NFL players give a happy holiday greeting, but the game has left them… somewhat different. CREATED BY: 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Steve W. Thompson STARRING (in order of Appearance): DANTE NERO KYLE DANIEL… Read More

“Life is Like a Hurricane, Here in Duckburg”


“Life is Like a Hurricane, Here in Duckburg” This is the sign I saw as I ventured from Eureka, Calisota into Duckburg. When I was instructed by my editors to find out what became of our beloved McDuck… Read More