New Lemon Law: They’re Delicious


Subscribe to Temple Horses on YouTube for a funny video every month We have crusaders on the internet fighting battles of  intolerance and bigotry, but  nobody wants to stand up for the  one thing that has been slandered… Read More

Copping Out

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.32.53 AM

DIRECTED BY: Jason Sokoloff CINEMATOGRAPHY: Benjamin Bode EDITED BY: Steve W. Thompson WRITTEN BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia SOUND OPERATOR: Chris Reynolds SOUND DESIGN: Josh Broome PAs: Melinda Velez, Neko White AMY: Adriana DeGirolami OFFICER WOHLER:… Read More

Vaccines for Kids


DIRECTED BY: Jason Sokoloff WRITTEN BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia CINEMATOGRAPHER: Benjamin Bode MUSIC BY: MAKEUP: Ashley Thomas PAs: Our parents

The Possession of Brian


A group of friends attempt to watch an episode of “Downton Abbey,” but are continually interrupted by rude outbursts from their friend Brian, who is possessed by a demon from the ancient world. CAST: SAMANTHA… Carmen Lynch TIM……. Read More

Happy Thanksgiving From Former NFL Players


In this satire comedy sketch, former NFL players give a happy holiday greeting, but the game has left them… somewhat different. CREATED BY: 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Steve W. Thompson STARRING (in order of Appearance): DANTE NERO KYLE DANIEL… Read More